ISWA Scholarship Programme


Many of you have probably heard for Timothy Bouldry and ISWA Scholarship Programme, but there are even more people that never heard of it, and that is why I make this post.

For all of you that don’t know what this programme is about, here is a short introduction. At practically every dumpsite in the world you can find people scavenging for recyclable materials from waste. Statistics show the numbers of people informally working at trash dumps has risen to several million and among them are hundreds of thousands of children. Those kids literally live on dumpsites and finance themselves by searching for recyclable materials. The ISWA Scholarship Programme is focused on these kids. The programme searches for youths to take out of the dumpsites and place them into a school. The programme acts like a life couch for the children, follows their progress and searches solutions to help guide them into a better path. The ISWA Scholarship Programme currently supports 40 kids from Nueva Vida and La Chureca dumpsites in Nicaragua. 

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